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網上推廣--短期課程 (4)新聞組宣傳

學會如何推廣商品, 增加瀏覽人數, 做個出色的推銷員.........

Newsgroup promotion is a very misunderstood

medium. It is usually learned late by most

budding Internet marketers. It can be quite

powerful if done properly, but is also quite

easy to mess up or abuse. (新聞組宣傳)

By the end of this lesson, you'll know some

of the most powerful ways to use this tool.

You'll also learn how to avoid some *costly*

mistakes. 本文介紹運用新聞組的最有


1. So, what are newsgroups anyway?


Newsgroups are world wide bulletin board

systems organized by the Usenet news system.

它由 Usenet News System 組成, 是全球新


It started out as a way for Unix developers

to pass information to each other about

updates and fixes, but has budded into an

International forum on just about any topic


There are over 40,000 newsgroups available

right now. 現在有超過四萬個新聞組別。

You may not be able to access each one,

though. It really depends on your Internet

Provider. 但您未必能看讀到所有組別的

新聞, 要視乎您的 ISP 有否提供該組別

的新聞給您。When a new newsgroup

is formed, your IP may or may not choose

to offer it. You see, the messages don't sit

in any one place. For you to see a Usenet

message, your provide has to include it

on its "news server".

If you need to access a group that is not

offered by your provider, you can configure

your newsreader to access a public access

news server. 如果您的 ISP 沒有提供您想

讀的那組別的話, 您可以到公眾的新聞


Here are a couple of public access news

servers and also a URL where you can find

a more comprehensive list of the public

servers: 以下列出一些新聞伺服器:



demonews.mindspring.com (read only, no posting)

If none of these work, follow the link

below and try some of the over 800 listed



You can also try these web browser based

news services:



The second one has a cool feature where

you can ask it to conduct searches for

you on a regular basis and email the

results to you. www.reference.com

可以讓您進行搜索, 並會把結果寄

給您。 You can use this to find

out if people are talking about your (or

your competitors).

2. So, this is all nice, but how does one

use this as a marketing tool?


There are two general approaches. One is

common and so-so in effectiveness. That other

is not used as regularly and is far more

effective. 您可以有兩種方法使用它:


傳, 而後者往往更有效

The first is to post simple advertisements

in groups that accept them. The second is

to use an indirect approach. There are some

important things to consider in both methods

so *read carefully*.



a. Simple Advertisements 純廣告

This is the most common method for marketing

on the newsgroups. Basically, this entails

writing an ad and posting it on a newsgroup.

Free advertisement for all, right? Well,

it's not that simple. Not by a long shot.

Firstly, most newsgroups don't care too much

for unsolicited ads. In fact, you may get

flamed or e-mail bombed or worse if you do

this in some newsgroups. Generally,

Netiquette dictates that you only post

messages related to that particular

newsgroup. 很多新聞組不接受廣告,


Don't despair, though. There are some

newsgroups that welcome ads. Most of the

business or MLM related newsgroups should

be OK. (*Always* check first.) 但有些以


If in doubt, read several posts of a

newsgroup to get the feel of it. Just

because you see a bunch of ads doesn't mean

it's OK, though.

Some people will post ads anyway. I advise

against this as it will probably do more

harm than good.

Here is a list of some newsgroups where ads

are generally OK. Remember not to use too

much hype. Write a concise, informative ad;

it will be far better received than a bunch

of unprofessional hype.

*See 1001 Killer Internet Marketing Tactics

to learn how to write ad copy that works

every time on the web. 



This hierarchy of newsgroups

generally welcomes ads. Each group is

different, though, so look before you post.

Here are a few examples:


biz.general (see this group for

posting suggestions and



Most groups that have words like "mlm",

"business", "money" etc. in the title will

be OK. Once again, be careful.

alt.make.money will gladly accept your

post, but rec.collecting.paper-money

probably won't be too interested in what

your selling (unless it's paper money




它是 moderate group, 即是這組別會有人


This group is moderated meaning that your

message will have to be approved by the

moderator. This is a great place to get

into as many editors and decision makers

keep an eye on this newsgroup. However,

it's very tricky as they have strict

guidelines. Please see the Submission

Sniper section of 1001 Killer Internet

Marketing Tactics to learn how to submit

an add here (as well as 8 other extremely

important resources).


Most newsgroups that have .forsale or

.marketplace somewhere in the title. Most of

these are good for selling single items. Do

a search and look around. For example:





This hierarchy is mainly used to place

classified style ads like above. Commercial

postings are probably not welcome.

b. An Indirect Approach


Another way to increase your presence in

the newsgroups is less direct. It entails

looking through the newsgroups and

responding to existing discussion threads.

I'm not proposing that you break into a

thread and throw in your ad. This is highly


I am proposing something far less obtrusive

and far more effective. There are several

techniques you can use to make contacts,

but essentially they can be divided into two

categories: signature ads and prospect

seeking. 以下有兩種間接方式:

Signature Ads 簽名檔廣告

This is a simple and effective technique.

Here you respond to off topic threads with

pertinent information. At the bottom of your

post, include a little blurb about your

business. Be sure to include URL, email,

and short description. 在稿末附簽名檔。

Don't make this signature too long, this is

considered bad Netiquette. Also, don't just

break into a thread to say something like

"yeah, me too".不要在新聞組內作出如

"是啊, 我也是" 等無建設性的回應

If you don't have any

genuine pertinent input, go find a thread

that you can contribute to.

Just getting involved in various threads

will help build your name and build contacts

online. You never know when one of these

people will need your services. And as more

people see your name, the larger brand

presence you have.

Prospect Seeking


This is an extremely powerful technique.

Basically, it entails searching the

newsgroups for people who would be

interested in your product.

For instance, you sell silver widgets. You

do a search on DejaNews for "silver widgets"

and you find a post from someone who is

"dying to find a silver widget, but can't

find one." 例如在 Deja 新聞伺服器內

搜尋刊登了有關 "widget" 字眼的新

, 就不難發現想買 "widget" 的對象。

In comes you to the rescue! "I sell silver

widgets and some mighty fine ones." You

simply give them a URL, a number, and an

email address. Chances are, you probably

just made a sale.

Little light bulbs are probably popping up

around your head right now. There are many

ways you can apply this powerful technique.

The "Indirect Approach" listed above is

by far the most powerful. Not only does

it target your audience (if done properly,

if you post an ad for a sink it surfing

group it probably won't be received too

well), but it also breaks the "Internet

Marketing Barrier". That is, anything

that "smells like marketing" on the net

is far less likely to be well received. If

you use the indirect approach wisely, you

can market your products "in disguise".

Just remember to always use prudence. Never

post to groups that don't accept it.記著,


Contrary to what many will have you believe,

you *can* market on the Internet without

Spamming or offending masses of people.

Someone out there is always going to take

issue with what you do, even if you are

doing things properly. However, this can

be largely avoided by following a little



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